Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I really didn't have to think about what I am going to write about today. I am a bit frustrated with Amazon. Last night I realized they put my book on sale which is great! Since I don't have that freedom to discount at random myself unless I want to change the cover price I am happy they did it. 17% off. Odd number but whatever a deal is a deal. When I realized this was the case I posted it on my Facebook page to let people know. Shortly after I received a message from a potential buyer stating shipping was expensive and they have purchased on Amazon in the past and never had to pay that much. I decided to do a mock order to see how much was too much. Wow it was almost ten bucks because they charge almost five bucks for a handling charge and then the shipping on top, to be clear this is on Canadian orders. For US orders the shipping and handling is only 3.99 and a buyer told me they were charged no tax. I think the Kindle ebook is the best deal right now for Canadian readers.

On a positive note I am seeing sales. I have of course been sent several messages from people who would like to buy direct from me so they can get an autographed copy. I wish my personal order would come in already. (which I had sent to a US address because shipping for 100 books was $90.00 to Canada vs $43.00 sending them to my in-laws.) Luckily I live in a border city and have that luxury.

Next up is reformatting my book for Smashwords uploading (saves me from individual device uploading) and contacting to figure out how the heck I can get my print book for sale on there. For some reason CreateSpace has it on .UK and .Org but they have no agreement with .CA so I need to take care of that one myself. I wouldn't say any of the things I have had to do so far has been difficult just time consuming but I have to get this all done so I can get back to writing!

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