Friday, August 2, 2013

Moving Right Along!

I am moving right along

Ordered promotional books
Have my book available on Amazon
Set up with Smashwords  who will be able to distribute my book in all formats to all major devices
I have my website
I have found some ladies at Goodreads that are going to review my book
I have a Facebook page that is getting more fans every day
I have read tons of marketing articles
I formed my blog
I have a twitter account
I requested an isbn for my book registered to me the author so indie stores will consider shelving
Requested an author page on Goodreads so I may offer promotional material
I sent emails to people I know and asked them to spread the word

Still to do

Order business cards, bookmarks and sell sheets
Set up some public appearances
Continue to search for professional book reviews

 I am taking all of the textbook steps that have been recommended. I just need to figure out some of my own. :)

My motto is sell one book at a time!

Now if I could just figure out how to schedule myself properly so I can promote my book and write in the same day that would be great!

I think I need to find more reading  groups to crash! Maybe I will pop in on my old book club. Drop off some freebies!

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