Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stalled at KWL!

Well last night I was able to get two chapters edited and a third partially written. So I have 5500 words down and only 90k ish to go in the second installment of The Jaxon Effect. A new character evolved recently and it turns out he's a bit of a dick. I'm really curious to see what his main role will be in the over all story line. I have an idea but I find the story never goes where I think its going to go. The characters tend to tell he story. I'm just the messenger. I am grateful that these particular characters decided to take up residence in my head and not someone else's.

I am still trying to get my book set up through KWL (Kobo Writing Life) but I'm having trouble with getting it to recognize my credit union as an actual real financial entity. I sent an email off to them hoping they will shed some light.

This morning when I checked my facebook I noticed I had one person post a link to my book and another's status was that she was looking forward to reading it on her camping trip.
That's a good sign!

I am still waiting for my own shipment of books to arrive so I can begin begging book stores to carry my book. I think it's going to be fun. But then again I haven't begun so I might eat my words.

Kindle has added the "Look Inside " feature to my book. I think that's so cool. Since I am a Newborn Author my work will have to speak for itself because no one yet knows who KC Michaels is. But one day everyone will. Ah ha I know what you are thinking.....  I thought the same thing when my son auditioned for his first commercial at the age of six. He is now eight and has been in two feature films a number of commercials, a TV Hallmark movie a few appearances in sit coms and dramas. Not to mention he does voice over for a few cartoon series. Okay I'm bragging but I'm a proud MAMA! Anyway my point to that is you have to believe and never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. My little man inspired me to go for my dream. I hope you al have someone who inspires you!
Have a happy day!!!

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