Monday, April 15, 2013

The Jaxon Effect Trilogy book one is complete!

So its been a long assed time since I had been on here. It took me like an hour to find the damn thing. Well guess what I finally finished my first book. It's not that romantic comedy I spoke of last June. Nope that one stalled at chapter 16 because square pegs don't fit into round holes. But that being said I am very excited to announce The Jaxon Effect book one of my Edgy and sexy,contemporary Romance trilogy will be available on amazon in a couple of months. I am sooooooo excited! It was the hardest thing I have ever dodne in my life but I have never beer happier "working " in my life. After 8 months of slaving my computer I am very happy to say the passion to write is still alive and well!

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  1. Greet to meet you outside the Hazelton. Good luck with your book. I am going to attempt to get a copy to read. If I am successful I will let you know what I think. :)