Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A great read needs all the elements

I write what I as a reader like to read! I love relationships that are difficult, explosive and sexually charged. Characters that know what they are doing is bad for them but just can't help themselves and of course steamy hot sex! I love miss-communications that aren't ridiculous. Lots and lots of true life dialogue. I love scenarios that are real, I love humor and deep back stories. I also love a little emotional pain, seeing how a character copes. I love to see tough heroes and even sometimes heroines lose their steely resolve and begin to soften as the story progresses but they never appear weak or sappy or lose their edge. I love when a hero does something so uncharacteristically sweet that I melt. I love secrets and I love strong sub characters, that have not been fully exploited to leave room for more down the road. I love a touch of possessiveness and I want him to be her protector. I love to see twits get their paybacks. I love to see conservative characters become more liberal. I love the climatic thrill only a villain can bring. I love a story with a good pace, where there is a reason for every word on the page. I am bothered by subplots that take away from the main story in order to reach a certain word count, that are so irrelevant that I have to skip them so I can get back to the good stuff. I like writing that is simple and not overly flowery. Three sentences to describe the wind- no thanks! 

If you feel the same way then you should be excited about my upcoming book

The Jaxon Effect
contradictions and confessions

It will soon be available in print on amazon

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