Thursday, June 7, 2012

Found my sunny day!

So I am pretty excited today. I have started my first blog! I am a new author and I am writing my first book. Its a romantic comedy and I am stoked beyond belief. My plan is to have my book published in 2013. I am aiming for 80,000-100,000 k word novel. I am currently around a quarter of the way there.
I dedided a few weeks ago that I wanted to try to write a book. I played around with some plot ideas but it all seemed a bit cheesy. Last Wednesday night I was messaging a friend and it came to me. Any idea for a story line. I felt it was right and I went with it. I didnt know what type of writer I would be until I started with the story line. I am all over the place as I heard many authors are. I started with chapter 1 and fliped to the last chapter. I did sime f two and three and then I did my epilogue. I stil have lots to finish in the last chapter but I can tell you I love it so far and its all tying in brilliantly. Who knew? I am an author and it is my calling. I finally found my purpose in life. I have no doubt at all that my efforts will pay off and I will be published. My second book is a spinnoff and the idea came to me out of the blue. Book one is a first person romantic comedy and book 2 will be more serious content but a bit edgier and in 3rd person. I wont get into my book details as thestoryline is pretty specific. I will say my title is Finding Mr. Darcy or How I found my Mr. Darcy. Its very late and I had a strange day today. I dint work on much of my book today but I did get a bit in early this morning. There is a lot I want to share through out my journey including the changes in me as a result of finding my way here. This is my passion and my hidden talent . This is the missing part of me I knew existed but took me 41 years to find. I am greatful to be here now . Listen to the lyrics for Amazing Grace. Its my theme song. Well that and Springsteens Waiting on a sunny day. I found my sunny day and I am an author. I promise my blog will be better next time I post. I wont be half asleep but I comitted to strating this today so here I am. I have no fans or followers. I havent invited anyone to read it yet . Once I feel I have some content I will actually tell my friends to check it out. Sharing the journey will give me amazing pleasure. If it gets read by anyone in cyberspace is not the point though. This is for me from me. But I do welcome anyone who needs inspiration to join me sometimes. I will be honest despite what may be popular and unpopular, You can trust that fact ! Goodnight

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