Saturday, June 9, 2012


It's funny that this would be my title for today's post considering the title I chose for my last one. I am actually literally hoping it doesn't rain. We are currently running a concession tent for a local 5 day long charity event. My daughter's cheer team is also volunteering time to do a car wash at the event as well. They raised around $1000.00 last year doing the event and I hope they will do that again this year. hence please don't rain.

As i had previously stated in my last blog this is the method that I have chosen to share and document my first book writing journey as I have noticed this process has changed me in so many ways. i am a better wife , mother, and friend. I am trying to be a good sister but that's a bit difficult for me right now. But that is a whole other story. Not my story to tell publically. I believe as long as i remain true to myself and do whats right for the right reasons that situation will work itself out where I am concerned.

As far as my book I am a bit behind my own little schedule in my mind. I have not picked any magic date for completion or publishing house submission but my internal gut feeling tells me when I have not put forth enough effort to feel satisified. Sometimes when I get a bit of writing done I know I am ready to put it down because I get the feeling of complete peace wash over me. It wraps me in a blanket of warmth and love. It's what it would feel like to eat real ambrosia from the Gods. Not those crappy colored mini marshmallow and cream squares that people bring to baby showers but the real thing. I just know it.

Yesterday I did spend around a half hour writing a few lines. It was a section in the book that had bothered me everytime I ready it but never realized it had to fixed until yesterday. So I do feel better that I have that done.

There is another reason i am a bit hesitent to keep adding pages of content to my book which is the computer that I used to store my info on. At first I was using a couple of different computers. Saving my pages and emailing them to myself. i had a copy in the computer and a copy in my email. I could continue writing on skydirve through my email. for some reason I took a liking to a beat up old laptop that my son broght home one day. It was a free score. There was a reason besides missing the power cord someone donated this laptop to the school electronics drive. They collected old electronics for scrap. They had collected a boatload of stuff and were paid per pound. My son brought home a couple working cell phones and this particular laptop. I should not have stored anything on that laptop without emailing myself a back up. Live and learn. Now I cant connect to the internet on it nor can I save anyting to a memory stick. I fear if I try to print it , it wont connect to a printer either. I think I need to start writing on a different computer and saving to memory stick. My girlfriend suggested I get a small computer , maybe a net book for just me. We have . Technically we have an ipad a playbook seven laptops and two desk tops at home and three desk tops at work. It is kind of crazy that I get something else but my 7 year old always plays games on the good laptops and friggs up the keys and they become sticky and in some cases have popped off. Two of the laptops belong to my teens and they dont like to share. Plus its really not fair to them. I will figure it out. If I have to copy what I have on the broken computer it will be a good part of the editing and revision process. Everything happens for a reason which is why I am not too upset. BUT I still want to be smart about future work. I think today I will work on chapter 5 in my downtime at the event and save it to the computer I am on now and save it to my stick.
I think intead of writing perfect chapters i should try to get them all outlined and partially written. I would feel so amazing if I can complete the entire book in rough and go back and perfect and add to it.
I have never done this before. I have never taken any formal training on story writing or book writing. I am doing what seems natural right now. I have read enough books thats for sure. Now that I am writing my own though I am not interested in reading anyone elses stories at the moment. I have noticed while on goodreads author pages they do not have a huge list of books on thier read list. I think its becasue they rather create thier own than read someone elses. Not that reading someone elses isn't wonderful but your heart wont be in it. I will read again but maybe not until I finish my next two books.
There is another thing nagging me in the back of my brain. Sometimes I come up with something whitty and then after a reading it back a few times I start to wonder if I wrote that or did I get it from another book I read. Its not intentional but it happens .

So my 7 yr old is bugging  me right now to get him dressed . He wants to get to the charity event now. He has been pretty patient but he is about to lose it. So I better wrap up. I may or may not be back here today . I will post when I feel its necessary.
Have a great Day!

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