Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Plugging away

Since the last time I blogged I did two bookstore appearances. It's actually more difficult than I thought to convince people who have never heard of me to buy my book. Unless you have a bus load of family and friends show up, don't expect your sales to be through the roof. That being said I had an amazing day at both venues. I can't get over the number of people who admit to either considering writing a book or are in the process. My advice to all of them was "Just do it" If writing is what they are supposed to be doing they will instantly know and never look back.

I've had a book club pick up my book for their new read which is pretty exciting. There is another book club at the Chapters I appeared at that may consider my book as well. I gave a copy to the lady who facilitates it. Cross my fingers she feels its worthy enough for the club.

Tonight I have a radio talk show interview to discuss my book. I've never done anything like that before so I'm a little nervous. I emailed him and asked for a list of questions he will be asking but much to my dismay he doesn't "plan" his interviews. Ugh!

I received a response form a Harlequin submission I sent way back. It wasn't a form rejection so I am pleased. Unfortunately The Jaxon Effect doesn't really fit the Super Romance Category I submitted it under. They want 99% of the story to be between the hero and heroine. This title is a bit more complex than that. Maybe "The Men from Remington's," series would be better suited. Stand alone titles tend to work better for Harlequin.

On a good note I submitted to another publisher on Thursday evening. Monday afternoon I received a response, they requested my full manuscript. After hitting the roof I fine tooth combed it again and sent it to them yesterday evening. Before submitting it I did another round of editing and shaved 3000 words from the story. It could take up to thirty days to hear back, then again they said it could take up to eight weeks to hear back from the query I sent and it only took a couple of days so I hope its sooner. Even if they reject at least I know the most recent query letter that I struggled to perfect is in the pocket.

Book two is moving along well although I have to admit I have been writing scenes that I have no idea where they belong yet. The characters are being secretive and only giving me glimpses of the full story but I like what they are showing me. There is a bit of "one-upmanship" going on which is fun. It tells me their relationship will never become boring or monotonous. They are both too stubborn for that to happen.

Its time for me to relax my mind and get back into Jaxon and Kate's world. Have a wonderful day!

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